Chiropractic by Family Quiropractic

The Chiropractic

an Art, a Science, a Philosophy.

  • Innate Intelligence
    A body that operates in a balanced way (in homeostasis) has the innate capacity for self-recovery. Health comes from within.
  • The Nervous System to the center
    The Nervous System (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls, coordinates and regulates all tissues, cells and body functions.
  • The Spine
    While the brain is protected by the skull, the spinal cord is protected by the spine composed of 24 vertebraes that act as a helmet.
  • The vertebral subluxation
    A vertebral subluxation (less mobility and/or displacement that irritates a nerve) interfere negatively in the functioning of the nervous system, damaging health.
  • Release interferences
    The Chiropractor is dedicated to locate and correct subluxations, freeing the nervous system of these interferences.

What causes a Subluxation ?

Physical stress :

Poor posture, Sedentary lifestyle, Overweight, Falls, Accidents, Birth trauma, Sports ...

Chemical stress :

Alcohol and tobacco, Dehydration, Use of medication, Pollution, Poor diet ...

Mental stress :

Low self-esteem, Depression, Unresolved emotional themes, Divorce/separation, Work ...

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